Learning in Community, BGI at Pinchot

Our students come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, including companies like Hewlett Packard, Weyerhaeuser, Starbucks and Microsoft; nonprofit enterprises like Climate Solutions, Global Exchange and The Oregon Natural Step; and government agencies at the local, state and federal levels.

A deep commitment to pursuing a balanced triple bottom line—people, planet and profit— is fundamental to BGI’s pedagogy and our learning community. Our shared vision of changing business for the better by spreading ecological and social sustainability throughout business practices animates our professional, academic and interpersonal relationships.

As a learning community, we make time to appreciate other perspectives and get to know one another. Building community takes time, but is crucial to your academic development at BGI. We believe that you and every voice and viewpoint deserve to be heard, and we strive to create opportunities to engage more fully in dialogue, solve problems co-creatively and simply have fun together.

Pinchot Community

Students, faculty and industry leaders co-create the Pinchot education to address emerging business and leadership challenges and opportunities. Students learn from each other’s expertise as well as from faculty and visiting change agents, and their teamwork is central to Pinchot’s spirit.

Collaborative Community 

Co-creative Learning

BGI at Pinchot is a community of adult learners committed to changing the world. Students from across the globe consult each other to explore the value of their diverse experiences. Our learning community shapes the academic experience, and provides a framework for lifelong learning among the alumni and extended Pinchot community.


BGI at Pinchot holds sessions for Kaizen—the Japanese term for “continuous improvement”—at every intensive in the Hybrid Program and monthly at the Seattle Learning Site to address community-wide issues. Kaizen provides an opportunity to voice suggestions for improving the BGI learning experience. Topics range from curriculum evolution and ethics to graduation plans and school growth. Many Kaizen sessions allow for topic choices by students, while others rely on full community engagement. A group of current students plans each Kaizen session.

Change Agents in Residence

Each quarter, BGI at Pinchot hosts Change Agents in Residence (CAIRs). These leaders are advancing sustainable business practices, researching social and ecological sustainability, and engaging in social activism. They share their stories and professional wisdom with our students during intensives by giving guest lectures and participating in group learning sessions.

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