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An MBA from BGI at Pinchot has one central purpose: to change business for good. Our programs weave sustainability into every course, enabling you to make an impact from day one and develop a career with meaning.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have a sound business acumen, but perhaps more importantly, you will have membership in the premier sustainable business network in the country. The vibrant community of unique thinkers, collaborators and strategic thinkers energizes you during your degree, and well after it.

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An MBA from Pinchot

is a Long-Term Investment for the Planet

Changing Business for Good

We believe that business—as society’s most influential institution—is a powerful force for social change. Because of this tremendous power, business has the opportunity to be a great force for good in the world. At BGI, we harness that power by integrating environmentally and socially responsible innovations with traditional business education, enabling future and current business leaders to create a sustainable world.

The BGI community at Pinchot incubates industry breakthroughs and innovations by bringing together a network of talented people who share their expertise, support and insight.

We gather world-class faculty, visiting change agents, industry leaders, and our students to create an intense and engaging learning community.

Our graduates go on to develop their own business ventures as entrepreneurs, to transform existing companies as intrapreneurs, to lead the movement towards sustainable business as consultants and analysts, and to bring sustainability to the far reaches of the globe by leading non-profit organizations.

The successes of our graduates inspire the greater business community—its leaders, educational institutions, and stakeholders—to make sustainability more integral to their organizations.

Sustainability is now becoming an industry standard, and our mission of changing business for good is leading to worldwide progress.

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