BGI Alumni at Pinchot

The single most important thing you will take away from any MBA experience is the network of people who will support you throughout your career. BGI graduatess are members of a lifelong alumni network; an active and engaged group of entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, analysts, consultants and other professionals who advance their respective industries through sustainable business practices.

Are you looking for a career with meaning? Our alumni community find reward in organizations large and small, startups and established businesses alike.


Alumni in Large Companies


Manager, Executive or Owner




Working in sustainability

Engaging, serving and supporting a thriving alumni community

Alumni Board

Claire Attkisson
Director of Development and Marketing,
Pagosa Springs Medical Center
C1 Hybrid MBA | Durango, CO

Alma Lorraine Bone Constable
Founder, CEO, TayaSola, SPC
C8 Hybrid MBA | Bellevue, WA

Casey Dilloway
Co-Founder and President, Community Sourced Capital
C9 Hybrid MBA | Seattle, WA

Steve Farone
Bright Green Consulting
C8 Metro MBA | Seattle, WA

Taylor Hess
Technical Product Manager,
C8 Hybrid MBA | Portland, OR

Michael Maine
Founder and Creative Director, Menrva Labs
C10 Hybrid MBA | Seattle, WA

Kamal Patel
Founder, Ubrlocal
C7 Certificate | Seattle, WA

Suzanne Pickney
sustainABILITY and SLICE Finance
C8 Hybrid MBA | Westchester, NY

Cecilia Utne
Senior Consultant and BD Specialist, Shepell.fgi Intercultural Solutions
C4 Hybrid MBA | Bainbridge Island, WA

Scott Wilder
Financial Analyst, United States Environmental Protection Agency
C8 Hybrid MBA | Denver, CO

Hillary Wilson
Event Wragler
C9 Hybrid MBA | Seattle, WA